6 Month Reflection

It’s been 6 months!! I would say I’m in shock, but really, come to think of it, a lot of life has happened.

What I Accomplished from 6 Months in Switzerland:

  • Travel. Lots of travel. Saw much of Switzerland thanks to my handy GA pass and visited 5 new countries for the first time.
  • Language Learning. Made it through 2 intensive German courses (and still feel like I only barely have a grasp of the language).
  • Getting Connected. Started a new young person group at ZIWA.
  • Volunteering. Became a leader on an event team in the Red Cross.
  • Musical. Got connected with the English Theatre Group of Zug and performed in a musical.
  • Grad School. Applied for and got into Grad School. Yep, that’s right — I’m a future MPA candidate at USC!

Our Biggest surprise:

How long it’s taken to get settled. We spent a little more than half of our 6 months in temporary housing. And because of various engagements and external factors, it’s taken forever to make our home feel, well, homey. We got our lights installed (all except two, that is) last week. Yeah, that’s right, we spent over two months living by candlelight. Kinda romantic, really. I got quite used to it.  And just today we are finally breaking down the cardboard that we haven’t managed to give away.

We are still missing some key furniture items and curtains. And our housewarming isn’t until November. Which is kind of pathetic for having lived in Zurich for over 6 months.

But this just goes to show how long it’s taken to feel like we have a home here. To let it really sink in that we live here now. Seattle may still be home in many ways, but Zurich really is coming to be our sort-of temporary home.


So, what is this unemployed hausfrau going to do with the next 6 months in Zurich? Well, the MPA program is online and starts in January. Therefore, I think I’ll have something to keep me busy with not only the next 6 months, but much of the next 2 years.

Here’s to another 6 months of living the expat dream!



One Response to “6 Month Reflection”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    It looks like the housewarmings will happen at the same time. Dad and I project completion of the renovation next month. Glad to see that you are keeping busy while Mr. Goat is doing the world traveler bit.

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