Château de Chillon Converted to Haunted House

Last weekend, Château de Chillon had it’s annual “la nuit de l’épouvante” or haunted house night in celebration of Halloween. I heard haunted house and I was in. I grew up on this stuff. Walking through an old mansion converted into Halloween wonderland? Yes please. I’ve seen some freaky stuff in some of the haunted houses back in the states. It’s certainly a sure-fire way to get an adrenaline rush (at least for me). So I was thrilled to see there was a haunted house in Switzerland, as I wasn’t even sure they celebrated Halloween at all.

Now, my worry was whether it would actually be a haunted house.  All of my Google searches weren’t turning up anything on what to expect. Not even on the official website did they have sufficient information. So we decided to go evaluate it for ourselves.

Chillon covered in cobwebs

And I’ve got to tell you, going to the Château de Chillon is a great experience for everyone living in Switzerland to see. But…the consensus was: if you don’t have kids, then you should maybe plan to visit the castle another day.

In fact, they should pretty much rename this event “Children’s Night at the Castle.”

Well, at least everyone was dressed up

It is absolutely not a haunted house. At least not in the sense of an overly decorated maze through a building with gruesome sights and strangely dressed actors to startle you at every corner. No. There was none of that. Instead, there was face-painting, raclette and a couple of kid-friendly Halloween-themed activities.

So, to all of you out there who may be interested in checking this out in the future, I have saved you the time. Not a haunted house. But, hey, if you do have children and want to take them out in their costumes, this is the event for you!

Probably the best part of our night was getting this unique view of the castle.



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