It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We had the first snow of the season yesterday in Zurich!

Marius loves the snow

View when I woke up this morning

A trip towards Bahnhofstrasse showed that the Christmas season was now in full swing. These holiday huts are EVERYWHERE.

Glühwein on every corner

In the spirit of the season, I was motivated to put up my little tree this week. Classic Rachel fail.

See, I brought my tree from home with the (American) lights on it. I put it up, find an adapter and plug it in. All is good. Then 20 minutes later, I notice a shift in lighting in the room. I look at my tree and suddenly one of the light strings is not working. “Odd” I think. I go over and see if any lights are loose, plug and unplug, that sort of thing. I decide to unplug and try again tomorrow. The next day, I plug in my tree and neither string lights up. Frustrated, I decide to go out and buy lights. I do a quick search on English forum to see where I could get (inexpensive) lights and in the comments I read that even using a transformer, American tree lights nearly always blow out. Ooohh, right…the difference in voltage.Whoops. I didn’t even try it with a transformer! My poor lights didn’t have a chance. Well, I certainly can’t be the only expat who has blown something out. 🙂

Anyway, after re-stringing my new (Swiss) lights, my home looks a little more ready for the season.


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