“Das schleckt keine Geiss weg”

A popular German phrase meaning “you can’t avoid the inevitable” or literally: “no goat’s going to lick that off.”

My name is Rachel and I moved from Seattle, WA to Zurich in April 2013 following my husband who was transferred for work. In adjusting to my new life here, I came across this silly little German saying and it stuck with me. So I decided to start blogging about my experiences, differences in culture I find amusing, travel tips, etc. Please feel free to drop a note if you are intrigued!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Bea Says:

    Hoi, Rachel!

    I hope that your transition to Swiss life is as smooth melted Raclette over a pile of fried potatoes.

    Liebe Grüsse

  2. Jana Clark Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    My husband recently came home talking about a possible job opportunity in Switzerland.
    I know cheese, chocolate and watches that’s it. I’m also from Seattle so that was fun to see your N.W. prospective. All you need is a 14 yr. old girl and 10 yr. old boy to help me understand what it would be like with a family.
    Thanks for sharing what you have learned, you blog is a fun read.

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